Together we can do great things, let's build the brand with 3652 AnyaThePanda

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Lost in the metagarden

The Story of AnyaThePanda


Driven by the community, AnyaThePanda bridges the metaverse and reality so that our values are rooted everyday. All of the NFT owners are invitied to join on roadmap planning for the brand and share the accomplishment that we achieved together.


Wandering in the Metagarden, AnyaThePanda always wants to create shareable journey with friends and enjoy all advanture in every turn. She loves to sournded by flowers and believes that any problem can be fixed by a proper cupcake. She now wishes to build her own little corner in the metervase.

NFT Features

Designed by Manji, all components are specially designed to reflect the theme. Every AnyaThaPanda is unique and generated by various of components, and they all represent types of character and birth date. Owners will be able to add more personalisation elements for their panda, and make it their best metervase partner.


In Different Birth Dates Different Characters

3652 AnyaThePandas

Let's Go Adventure In the metagarden


Start out as a cute collection, our vision is to build AnyaThePanda as an innovative brand to bring joy to the world

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When is AnyaThePanda minting?

Whitelist Sale Date 2022/12/1 13:00 UTC Public Sale Date: 2022/12/7 13:00 UTC Reveal Sale Date: 2022/12/29 13:00 UTC

What is the total supply?

There are 3652 AnyaThePandas in total

How to get whitelisted for AnyaThePanda?

Whitelist quota will be allocated with Premint Raffle , please follow our Twitter account @AnyaTPOfficial for more details

How to mint a AnyaThePanda?

During the minting period, please connect the ethereum mainnet with your wallet, and go to the minting page

How much will each AnyaThePanda cost to mint?

Whitelist users need to pay 0.02 ETH and Gas, and public users need to pay 0.04 ETH and Gas

Does AnyaThePanda have a roadmap?

We would rather over-deliver than over-promise. We have a lot of ideas for building the AnyaThePanda brand for both physical world and metaverse, please read our mindmap section for more information

How AnyaThePandas will be distributed?

732 AnyaThePandas will be reserved for the team, marketing and business collaboration. The rest will be available for public minting

How many NFTs can be minted?

You can mint 6 AnyaThePandas during whitelist and you can mint as many as you want during public mint period, and only 6 can be minted per transaction

Does AnyaThePanda have Discord?

At this moment, we focus on building the brand. There is no Discord for now, please follow our twitter account @AnyaTPOfficial for more information

What is the opensea account?

The Opensea Collection is

Behind AnyaThePanda





novelist labs


James Lo